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Zirkon as faceted gemstone - Göltzsch river placer near Reichenbach, Vogtland, Saxony


Flawless orange-brown, oval faceted Zircon weighing 1,25 ct. Such clear gem zircons from the Göltsch, which originate from an eroded Tertiary volcanic vent, are among the best in Europe (cf. LAPIS 2/2009). Raw gem recovered by Gottfried Seifert 2005, cut by R.-D. Reinhard/Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein

Zirkon - Göltzsch near Reichenbach, Saxon Vogtland

SKU: SW-62
VAT Included |
  • Size

    7.2 x 5 x 3 mm

  • Locality

    River soap from the Göltzsch near Reichenbach, Saxon Vogtland, Germany

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