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Tanzanite - Arusha, Merelani Mountains, Tanzania

ex collection Robert Scheck


This approx. 2 cm large tanzanite crystal shows all the properties of the rare zoisite variation. Although detached and recrystallized on the back, the front shows the multi-faceted crystal shape with good lustre. The crystal has a flawless transparency and, apart from a few stress cracks, best gem quality. The characteristic dichroism which moves between intense royal blue and violet is very well developed on this untreated piece. Historic find from the mid-1980s from Robert Scheck's collection.

Tanzanite - Arusha, Merelani Mountains, Tanzania

SKU: C03.21.06 
VAT Included |
  • Size

    2.2 cm x 1.8 cm x 1.1 cm

  • Locality

    Arusha, Merelani Mountains, Tanzania

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