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Spangolite with Brochantite and Malachite – Mex-Tex Mine, Bingham, New Mexico, USA


Lustrous blue-green Spangolite crystals to 1 mm on vuggy Quartz matrix, with green Brochantite and Malachite in association. The rare copper/aluminium-sulphate Spangolite is regarded as a coveted „signature species“ for the Bingham mining district (cf. LAPIS-Steckbrief 7-8/2019). Pretty miniature specimen from a classic dump recovery (1991)

Spangolite, Brochantite, Malachite - Mex-Tex Mine, New Mexico, USA

SKU: SW-129
VAT Included |
  • Size

    3.5 cm x 1.8 cm x 1.3 cm

  • Locality

    Mex-Tex Mine, Bingham, New Mexico, USA

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