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Quartz var. Morion - Galmihorn, Bernese Alps, Valais, Switzerland


All-round undamaged double-terminated floater specimen made of wonderfully dark smoky quartz Var. Morion. The excellent transparency of the reddish brown quartz can be seen in transmitted light. Without direct lighting, the crystals appear deep black.

Specimens of such quality and condition is extremely difficult to find. The small piece of matrix proves the alpine origin and gives the piece an added value in terms of aesthetics. All contact surfaces are wonderfully healed. A rarely offered alpine classic!

Quartz var. Morion - Galmihorn, Valais, Switzerland

SKU: C03.21.43
  • Size

    15.7 cm x 7.2 cm

  • Locality

    Galmihorn, Bernese Alps, Valais, Switzerland

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