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Quartz, Halloysite / Mango Quartz – Cabiche, Quipama, Boyaca, Colombia


Long-prismatic quartz with yellowish-orange (mango colors) Halloysite inclusions. This piece has a fan-like build up and an intense color. Smaller, long double terminated quartzes make this piece particularly interesting. The side crystals are recrystallized.

Aesthetic and filigree collector's piece of this quartz variety, which is extremely popular with collectors.

Quartz, Halloysite / Mango Quartz  - Cabiche, Quipama, Colombia

SKU: 22.05.03
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VAT Included |
  • size

    7.9cm x 6.7cm 

  • locality

    Cabiche, Quipama,  Boyaca, Colombia

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