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Pyromorphite - Daoping, Gongcheng, Guangxi, China


Intense green pyromorphite with an aesthetic structure and good luster. Nice thumbnail from the Daoping mine in China. 

The  Daoping Mine near Gongcheng   in the Chinese  Guangxi region has been one of the most fascinating world pyromorphite finds since the year 2000 have inspired collectors with their deep green color and well-developed crystals.

Good quality pyromorphites from the sensational find of 2000/2001 appear to have been unique and are now very rarely offered on the mineral market. 

Pyromorphite - Daoping, Gongcheng, Guangxi, China

SKU: 22.07.08
€110.00 Regular Price
€77.00Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • size

    2cm x 0.9 cm 

  • locality

    Daoping, Gongcheng, Guangxi, China

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