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Iron Cross Pyrite Twin – Gachalá, Cundinamarca, Colombia


Rare pyrite floater crystal showing the classic twinning known as the "Iron Cross" (Iron Cross).

The pyrite crystal has a thin brilliant metallic luster of goethite on the surface and sharp complex faces!!!

The pyrite iron cross twins from Colombia are exceptionally large and unique.

"Iron Cross twin" are twin crystals that have the shape of two pentagonal dodecahedrons (also called pyritohedrons). These twins have edges that intersect at 90 degrees, forming a cross.

The Iron Cross twin law is well known and shown in specimens from various localities, but complete crystals of good size are rarely found. This remarkable Exemplar is from a find in 2018.

Superb Iron Cross twin.

Iron Cross Pyrite Twin – Gachalá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

SKU: 22.06.56
VAT Included |
  • size

    5.1cm x 5cm x 4.5 cm 

  • locality

    Gachala, Cundinamarca, Colombia

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