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Pizzo Giübin, Sella lake, Gotthard region, Ticino, Switzerland


Monazite forming a honey-yellow crystal plate (2 mm) on snow-white aplite gneiss. Nice reference specimen from a large old Rock Crystal vein, its hanging-wall yielding the largest and best Monazite crystals of the Ticino region (cf. LAPIS 1/2018). Found in August 2020

Monazite (Ce) with Chamosit - Pizzo Giübin, Lago di Sella, Switzerland

SKU: SW-115
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  • Size

    Specimen size 3 x 2 x 0,9 cm, Monazite = 2 mm

  • Locality

    Pizzo Giübin, Lago di Sella, Gotthard area, Ticino, Switzerland

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