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Hematite Iron Rose

Cava Lombardi, Lucendro-Pass, Gotthard region, Ticino, Switzerland


Higly lustrous Hematite iron rose (8 mm) with minor Rutile, on aplitic granite matrix. The flat crystal aggregate shows perfect and mirror-like faces. Pretty and locally typical specimen from Cava Lombardi, the oldest and most famous Iron Rose site in the Alps (cf. LAPIS 2/2020, p. 30-35). Its specimens were often labelled as "Fibbia" or "Gotthard" in the past. Recovered in October 2018 from the side portion of the basal vein, ex Stefan Weiß collection

Hematite iron rose - Lucendro Pass, Ticino, Switzerland

SKU: SW-99
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  • Size

    Specimen size 5.2 x 3.7 x 3.2 cm, Hematite Iron Rose 8 mm

  • Locality

    Cava Lombardi, Lucendro Pass, Gotthard Area, Ticino, Switzerland

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