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Gold, Crystal Nugget - Mina Zapata, Santa Elena de Uairen, bolivar, Venezuela


Sharp-edged needle eye of 13 mm x 7 mm. Wonderfully aesthetic gold curl with great luster and beautiful color.


The gold crystals from Zapata, just outside Ikabaru, near Santa Elena de Uairen in Venezuela, are unique in their own way. They generally have sharp ones and faceted Structures and have a very pure, golden yellow color. The degree of purity is around 97% pure gold. Due to the recent civil unrest and economic collapse in Venezuela, this gold has become increasingly difficult to source.


Gold, Crystal Nugget - Zapata, Santa Elena, Venezuela

SKU: C22.03.94
VAT Included |
  • size

    13  mm x  7  mm, 1.2  G

  • locality

    Mina Zapata,  Santa Elena de Uairen,  bolivar,  Venezuela

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