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Fluorite, Siderite - Allenheads, Durham, Cumberland, GB


Atttractive, historic Fluorite specimen with crystals up to 2.5 cm on the edge. The yellow Fluorites have partly intense violet sharply zoned edges, which show up especially well in UV light. Siderite covers one side surface of the Fluorites and thus forms a very nice contrast.

A mineralogically interesting as well as extremely aesthetic specimen from the famous mining area in Durham. Undamaged pieces of this quality are rare to find on the market.

Allenheads has been closed since the mid 1980s.

Fluorite, Siderite - Allenheads, Durham, GB

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  • Size

    8.6 cm x 5.9 cm

  • Locality

    Allenheads, Durham, Cumberland, GB

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