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Smoky Quartz with Fluorite – Rufibach Kluft, Zinggenstock, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland


Fluorite octahedron of up to 27 mm on Matrix from the famous Rufibach cleft from the Zinggenstock. The crystals clearly show all the characteristics of this find. The aesthetic build up makes this alpine classic a unique collector's item.

One of the legendary finds in Switzerland is the cleft discovered by Ernst and Hans (+ 1971) Rufibach on the Zinggenstock in the early 1960s. Characteristic of this find is pink fluorite with a packeted surface and violet edges. These fluorites are unique in the world and thus make specimens from the Rufibach chasm unmistakable and extremely popular with collectors. The entire fissure system is now so unstable that further work is no longer possible. As a result, pieces of this famous find are rarely, if ever, seen on the market.

Fluorite - Rufibach Kluft, Zinggenstock, BO, Switzerland

SKU: 22.04.40
VAT Included |
  • size

    8.5cm x 5.4 cm x 5.8 cm, fluorite up to 27 mm on the edge

  • locality

    Rufibach Divide, Zinggenstock, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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