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Fluorite - Granite Quarry, Shannapheasteen, Connemara, Ireland


Granite Quarry produces what is known as Shannapheasten Granite, which is described as "aphyric, fine-grained granite". The quarry mines fluorite only as a by-product and only sells minerals through selected dealers. Therefore, it is not easy to get minerals from this discovery area.

This piece was found in 2017 and consists of several hexahedrons. At the base, dark violet, the partly cuboid-like hexahedrons are formed in a delicate blue. The edges are partly greenish, which is characteristic of the Find is from 2017.

Fluorite - Granite Quarry, Connemara, Ireland

SKU: 22.02.50
€120.00 Regular Price
€96.00Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • Size

    6.8cm x 5.8cm x 4.7cm

  • Locality

    Granite Quarry, Shannapheasteen, Connemara, Ireland

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