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Fluorite, Calcite on Chalcedony - lead-zinc deposit Dalnegorsk, Vladivostok, Russia


Well-grown green octahedron fluorite and flat-sheet calcite on chalcedony on this 9 cm x 6.6 cm specimen from the lead-zinc deposit in Dalnegorsk, Vladivostok, Russia. The largest fluorite is 1.2 cm on the edge and, like the other crystals at this cluster, of good quality and has a satin lustre.

Fluorite, Calcite on Chalcedony - Dalnegorsk, Russia

SKU: 2020.12.172  
VAT Included |
  • Size

    9 cm x 6,6 cm

  • Locality

    Lead-zinc deposit in Dalnegorsk, Vladivostok, Russia

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