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Chloroxiphite in Mendipite -

Merehead Quarry near Cranmore, Mendip Hills, Somerset, Great Britain


Dark green Chloroxiphite (up to 8 mm) in beige-white Mendipite matrix with Calcite, plus bluish green Diaboleite. Two rare lead/copper oxihalides from the type locality in one sample! Found c. 1975, David Lloyd Collection via Nick Carruth/Gunnislake (1996); ex Stefan Weiß collection

Chloroxiphite in Mendipite - Merehead Quarry, Somerset, GB

SKU: SW-18
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  • Size

    3.3 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm, chloroxiphite crystal group 8 mm long

  • Locality

    Merehead Quarry at Cranmore, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK

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