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Calcite - Masua, Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy


The 7.4 cm tall calcite, terminated as a scalenohedron twin, stands very representative on a matrix which is overgrown with other calcites. While the smaller calcites are milky and opaque, the large crystal convinces with translucency, good luster and a minimally yellowish color. An extremely aesthetic piece of the best quality from the Masua mine near Iglesias in Sardinia. A place of discovery right on the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by beautiful nature.

Calcite - Masua, Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy

SKU: 21.02.012 
€250.00 Regular Price
€225.00Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • Size

    10.9 cm x 9.3 cm XX 7.4

  • Locality

    Masua, Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy

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