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Aquamarine, Schorl – Erongo, Omaruru, Namibia


Absolutely aesthetic piece of highly lustrous aquamarine with tourmaline var. Schorl on feldspar from the Erongo Region in Namibia. The double terminated aquamarine is in perfect condition and displays a rare intense colour. In addition to the aquamarine, the Schorl crystals are also of the best quality with a particularly good lustre. Extremely aesthetic collection specimen from Namibia!


Aquamarine, Schorl – Erongo, Omaruru, Namibia

SKU: 22.07.15
VAT Included |
  • size

    4.2cm x 3.1 cm, aquamarine 2.2cm x 0.8cm 

  • locality

    Erongo, Omaruru, Namibia

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