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Apatite (partly with moonstone iridescence), on striated gneiss -

Cadlimo, Gotthard area, Ticino, Switzerland


Crystal clear to milky Fluorapatite crystals (up to 5 mm, some with bluish moonstone iridescence), that contrast well with the matrix of dark brown limonitic ankerite on striated gneis. A beautiful and particularly rich specimen, from one of the best Apatite occurrences in the Gotthard area (cf. LAPIS 12/2011). Found in October 2007, ex Stefan Weiß collection

Apatite - Cadlimo, Gotthard region, Ticino, Switzerland

VAT Included |
  • Size

    9.5 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm, XX to 5 mm

  • Locality

    Cadlimo, Gotthard region, Ticino, Switzerland

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