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About Us

In December 1970, Freia and Christian Weise, together with Hermi and Hannes Keilmann, founded Kristalldruse, a mineral store in Munich Schwabing. In the assortment were primarily self-found minerals from Germany and the Alps. The strongly increasing general interest in minerals and fossils led to the joint foundation of Mineralientage München (Now known as the Munich–Show) in 1972.


In 1974 Christian Weise decided to devote himself full-time to trade minerals and gemstones. Thereupon he ended his scientific career as a geophysicist and retired from the organization of the Mineralientage (Munich–Show).

In the same year, he published a book about mineral prospecting in the province of Salzburg and Tyrol, thus laying the foundation for the Christian Weise publishing house and the monthly magazine Lapis. 

Since the 1990s, the second generation, Tobias Weise has also been active in the company, whose management he took in 2017.


In 2017, the Kristalldruse store was sold, and is now operated by the Munich goldsmith and jeweler family Bleiholder. 


Already since October 1981, Christian Weise Verlag has operated a mail order business for minerals, the "Kristalldruse Mineralienversand", a forerunner of today's mineral - online stores. developed from the "Kristalldruse Mineralienversand" and has been the publisher's own platform for the trade of minerals and equipment for many years, with the aspiration of fair pricing and a wide range of products. 


There is something for every collector and every budget on


Christian and Freia Wise


The geophysicist and passionate collector of minerals has been trading in minerals with his wife since the 1960s. Over the decades, his passion led to the co-founding of the Munich Mineral Days and the Crystal Druse, as well as the founding of the Lapis magazine.


Tobias Tlusty

Admin / Photography  

He has been looking for minerals since he was a child. Combined with the passion for mountaineering, since 2015 he has focused on radiating in the high alpine terrain. At he has been responsible for the development of the online presentation and the social media presence since 2020 .


Michael Huber


The mineralogist has been with Christian Weise Verlag since the late 1990s. He represents us at numerous trade fairs and, in addition to editing Lapis and extraLapis, is also responsible for the typesetting (prepress) of other books and publications.


Tobias Wise

Managing directors

As a child, the graduate graphic designer was on the road with his parents looking for minerals and at a number of mineral exchanges. Since the 1990s he has been working for the Lapis &  extraLapis magazine, of which he has been the editor since 2017. Even today he is still drawn to the mountains in summer to look for minerals.


dr Stephen Weiss

Mineralogist & Geologist

Since 1987 editor-in-chief of the magazine Lapis and since 1990 responsible for the crystal druse mineral dispatch. Collecting minerals has been his passion since childhood. In the summer months you can find it mainly when searching for minerals in Switzerland. 


Hildegard Deininger

Office Management / Dispatch

Ms. Deininger has been the good soul of the office for over 20 years and, among all the mineral-obsessed, keeps track of the big picture. She also ensures, among many other things, that your orders are shipped professionally and securely.

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